Allegory and Hyberbole in Idylls of the King

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Allegory and Hyberbole in Idylls of the King






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Allegory and Hyperbole in Idylls of the King

Idylls of the King is a collection of twelve poems written by Alfred Tennyson. The series of poems were published between 1859 and 1885. The poems present a story of the rise and fall of King Arthur’s Kingdom (Sherwood, 2013). They portray the love that the legend, King Arthur, had for Guinevere and explain how the woman eventually betrayed the king. Generally, the collection of poems recounts Arthur’s attempt to build a perfect kingdom through lifting up mankind his failure to achieve the plans and his eventual death at the hands of a traitor called Mordred (Sherwood, 2013). In the series of poems, Tennyson uses frequently allegory and hyperbole to express ideas and concepts.

Allegory refers to the use of characters, objects or symbols in a narrative that represent meanings that lie outside the narrative. In the Idylls of the King, Tennyson describes King Arthur as a “stainless gentleman” and an “idealmanhoodclosed in realman” (Tennyson, 2010). Tennyson usesthephrases to represent his perc.............

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