Alignment Of HRM And Business Strategies

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Alignment Of HRM And Business Strategies


HR and Business strategies alignment. 1

HR job position and responsibilities. 1

Establishing HRM strategies for improvement of competitive advantage. 2

Increasing diversity at Ford Motors. 3

HR and Business strategies alignment

            Ford Company is a company that is focused on the creation of a strong business strategy which builds products that will lead to a better world.HR is an important part of the Ford team as it develops and supports the people who design, develop and sell vehicles in the world. The HR and business strategies should always be in line for the goals of the company to be achieved. The HR should therefore understand the business strategies and support them with policies and practices. In Ford, the strategic style falls into three business strategies that have implications for various levels of the company ( Ford Motor Company ,2013). In Ford, the focus is building of relationship with customers, the HR should ensure that they hire employees that are hired should have the ability to build relationships with customers. When it comes to operations Ford’s main focus is on the consistent application, controlling processes, teamwork, paying attention to detail and drive to achieve results. This can only be achieved if the leaders are charismatic and if the employees are team players and result oriented. Ford aims that their vehicles should be the best in terms of innovation and ideas. Therefore, the employees selected should be intelligent and should be committed to the long terms employment of the company.

HR job position and responsibilities

Ford Motor Company has a wide range of opportunities that they offer to HR professionals within its HR department. Among these opportunities are labor relations, this involves anything that pertains to employees in terms of their labor issues such as unions. Another position deals with business operations which involves the general operations of the company. The other one is compensation this deals with compensating employees that have been hurt or injured in the course of their work in Ford. Benefits is another area that deals with offering the employees working at Ford Motor company benefits such as insurance, holiday packages, salary increments, and bonuses. The HR department also deals with the planning of workforce and recruitment. The department ensures that they recruit qualified employees and plan how they will carry out their duties. The department also carries out development of the organization in terms of ensuring that the employees are working towards the overall development of the company (Ford Motor Company, 2013).

Given an opportunity I would prefer working in the workforce planning and recruiting. This is a very important position within the company since it directly deals with the employees. Through this .............

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