Alfie Kohn Bad Signs

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Alfie Kohn Bad Signs

Alfie Khon “bad signs” is an in insightful article that embodies different themes to emphasis on the importance and influence that learning environment plays to students in a school. Alfie addresses the misconception held by most institutions’ on the importance of signs on the wall of schools as a motivational and inspirational aspect to facilitate a better learning environment.

Kohn clearly reiterates on his belief about the magnitude signs have to the psyche of students. The author believes that teachers do not consider the effects that the signs have to students and how they deprive students of any form of freedom considering that they already go through the process of education by adhering to other numerous rules. Under the section emphasising on the sign “no whining”, the author tries to reverse the role of the sign and picture the same message addressed to teachers claiming that they would not be as inclined to adhering to the message as they expect from student.............

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