Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great





Alexander III of Macedon was commonly known as known as Alexander the Great. He was born in an ancient capital of Macedonia known as Pella in July 365 BC. His father was the king of Macedonia, Philip II, and his mother was the princess of the neighboring Epirus Olympias. Throughout his childhood, Alexander watched his father carry out transformations in Macedonia making it a great military power (Brien, 2002). He also saw his father emerging victorious in various battlefields all over Balkans. When he was 12, he exhibited his equal skill to his father and other people who were watching when he fearlessly tamed Bucephalus, a stallion that was unruly. It was unable to be ridden and devoured on flesh of anyone who had made attempts to tame it. At the age of 13, his father hired the great Greek philosopher as his personal tutor. He received training in literature and medicine which stimulated his interests in medicine, science and philosophy which all became very crucial in his life.

After his father, Philip 11 was assassinated Alexander the Great inherited the very powerful, but violent kingdom headed by his father.At the time of his father’s demise, he was very young but even at this early age he was capable of handling the kingdom. Upon taking charge, he dealt with the enemies at home and also reasserted the power of Macedonia within Greece. He then started his mission o.............

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