Alexander pope an essay on man.

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Alexander pope an essay on man.

Alexander Pope, an English poet known best for his satirical verses and use for heroic couplet, is the third quoted and referenced poet after Shakespeare and Tennyson; born in May 21 1788 to a linen merchant Alexander pope and his wife Edith, who were both Catholics(Fraser,1978). He is known for writing satirical poems that reflect to the way people live and the relationship of God and man. Some of his poems are an essay on criticism; it identifies him as a poet and critic, Rape of the lock and an essay on man. He has also done a few translations too including; the Llaid and Odyssey.

An essay on man was one of Alexander Pope’s poems written in heroics couplet, was a philosophical poem whose main intention was to propose certain system of code of conduct poetically. It is an attempt to justify the ways of God to man. The poem was not solely Christian but it assumed that man had fallen and needed to seek his own redemption. He points out however controversial the world can be it exists in its own way according to the natural laws. God made man but man has used his knowledge through science to turn and try and imitate God.

I agree with Alexander that man should stop trying to be God. The way God decided to create us was what was intended and that people should stop trying to be God. We should not try to be God but try to follow the ways He teaches us. That way we will not dwell our             lives on understanding the supernatural way of God but understand what He wants us to do and the responsibilities He has given us being the centric position between the angles and beasts. People through science and technology have made themselves believe they are like God, .............

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