Alcoholism Is A Disease That Faces Uncertain Cure

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Alcoholism Is A Disease That Faces Uncertain Cure

Alcohol is the oldest and most abused drug in the world with approximated third of the world population of 12 years and above believed to be consumers of alcohol. Gifford (2010) notes that the number of alcoholic and problem drinkers continues to increase with five per cent of deaths in the world such as accidents, crime and violence attributed to alcohol. Men constitute more than 80 percent of alcohol abusers with the number continually increasing due to peer pressure and influence (Alterman, 2008). Many preventive and curative measures have been adopted to reduce the consumption of alcoholic substances but the fight hasn’t been promising. Many young people indulge in alcoholism even without stable sources of income, a problem that presents challenges in eradication of alcoholism.

Prentiss (2010) indicates that alcoholic abuse has many dangers apart from risks of death resulting from induced death, violence or injury. Alcohol is a source of many physical and mental disorders such as neurological disorders which result in reduced vision, poor body coordination, memory blackouts and a resulting brain damage. Beer, wine and alcohol, which are the three main types of alcoholic drinks, affects the brain cells due to their stimulant that induces fake feelings leading to impair judgments, self-consciousness and unnecessary excitement (O’Malley, 2006).  Alcohol consumption also causes cardio logical problems such as increased blood pressure, stroke and heart failure. Respiratory problems like lung diseases, respiratory failure, tuberculosis, and throat and mouth cancer are results of alcohol consumption. Liver disease which comes second after alcohol-induced accidents in claiming lives is caused by continued chronic alcohol abuse. Furthermore, alcoholism leads to poor personal management especially mismanagement of resources and family affairs for parents. Alcoholism is therefore a continued chronic abuse of alcoholic substances that leads to addiction leading to increased tolerance thus abusers are forced to take great amounts to satisfy their desired alcoholic effects.

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