AlcoholandTobaccoAdvertising should be HeavilyRegulatedorBannedAltogether? Agreeor

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AlcoholandTobaccoAdvertising should be HeavilyRegulatedorBannedAltogether? Agreeor                                                                                  Disagree?
In an attempt to reach a massivepotentialmarket, companieshavearray of options to choose from, but over timeadvertisement has proven to be an avoidable choice in thispursuit. Since all thecompanieshavetheright to buyairtime on anymedia to advertise their product, alcoholandtobaccomanufacturingcompanieshavetakenthisadvantage to spread their products (Harrison, Roy, andWaun 59-65). However, there have been debates for decades now, whetherthese two productsneed to abolished. Becausehighhealthrisksare associated with consumption of alcoholandtobaccoproducts, women, adolescences, andexpectantmother are themostvulnerable. Besides beingnaturallydangerous, they are causal factors of variousdiseases. Theseincludevariedcancers, respiratory complications, liver cirrhosis, andheartdiseases (Watson, Victor, andSherma 284-289). In cases of longtermuse, theyresult in deaths. Therefore, since lives are precious than economicgainsattain from alcoholandtobacco, their advertisements should be blockandeffortsdirected to sweep them out of thecommunitycompletely.
During theadvertisement of alcoholandtobaccoproduct, persuasiveapproaches are implementedwhereimages of healthpeople drinking andsmokingwhilehavingmerrymomentare used. According to research by Hausteinand David, themythicalimageriesappliedhave a tremendousimpact on adolescence (5-8). Annually, there havebeenprogramstrying to save fifty percent of adolescencesindulged in theseharmfulsubstances, but with thefrequent adverts on media, theeffortandresourcechanneledforitgo to waste. As a result, schooldropouts, earlypregnancy, highinfectionrates of sexually transmitted diseases has beenregistered in adolescences under influence of alcoholandtobacco. Notably, their academicperformances also deteriorate alongside their health (Schmitz, and Richard 68). Ultimately, theybecome societal bothers since they stair head societal problemsincludingcrimes, rapescases, andpoverty. Therefore, to curbthesemenacesandalsosavetheinnocentadolescences, alcoholandtobaccoadvertisement masterminding thewholemess should be abolished.
Whenitcomes to diseases, statistics depictsthatapproximatelymore than a million peopleperish from directandindirecteffect of alcoholandtobaccoannually in United States alone. Cigarettesalone, contributes seventy percent of the statistics through cancerand respiratory relatedinfections (Bayard 34). Also, nonsmokers who by accident inhale u.............

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