Alcohol use

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Alcohol use

There is considerable number of drugs that scientists consider as addictive. Scientists define addiction in terms of a how a given user depends on a chemical for survival. Drugs are substances that individuals utilize to enhance their feelings. Enhancing feelings is a broad and subjective clause that may refer to happiness, emotional stability, awareness, and tranquility. In other cases, people utilize drugs to enhance confidence. Alcohol serves most of these purposes by effecting different feelings to different users. Over time, alcohol manipulates the user such that one gains psychological and physical dependence on the drug. Alcohol, therefore, is the world’s most addictive drug because it highly affects the brain.

High rates of alcohol addiction relates to the high availability of alcoholic beverages in markets. From ancient times, marketers and entrepreneurs were aware that alcohol shares a huge revenue potential. This promotes leisurely attitudes towards alcoholic beverages (Sher, 2008). For instance, in France, natives regard wine as an integral part of daily life in the society (Sher, 2008). This pattern repeats in Germany, where individuals partake of beer as a normal accompaniment to meals. In turn, young individuals adopt these attitudes while using alcohol. Such individuals will not regard alcoholism as detriment to their bodies, but as a social trademark justifying them as ideal members of a particular society.

Alcohol controls a user’s body by manipulating the brain’s reward center. When a user takes alcohol, the drug stimulates the brain’s reward center toward hyperactivity. This occurs in spite of the fact that benefits may not physically manifest. Dependence arises out of the fact that alcohol increases a user’s confidence towards the addictive substance while cutting down the confidence on the normal things that had previously defined such a person’s life. Dependence begins from a physical level and proceeds into the psycholog.............

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