Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol  Addiction

Alcohol is a drink that has been in existence for a very long time, many communities in the world have for centuries had their own unique drink. Taking an example from some communities in Africa, alcohol was not taken for no particular reason, in the traditional society alcohol was taken on special occasions. Alcohol was not also taken by all people in the community, it was a preserves drink for the elders and not the young people. This was a trend among most of the communities in the world and as such cases of alcohol addiction especially among the youth was unheard of. In the contemporary world things have changed most countries in the world have lowered the minimum age ofpersons allowed to take alcohol. In doing that most young people are slowly but surely becoming alcohol addicts.

Alcohol addiction which at times is also referred to as alcoholism is extreme and prolonged use of alcohol which ultimately leads to health problems that lack of alcohol can have adverse effects such as withdrawal  symptoms. In the whole world alcohol is the most abused this is because in most of the countries it is readily available in various brand names, forms, quantity and price.Unfortunately alcohol is one of the most dangerous drug that can cause harmful effects to any human both mentally and physically. In the whole world the number of people suffering from the effects of overconsumption of alcohol is alarming and the numbers keep rising with each passing day. Alcohol addiction has become a very serious issue in most of the countries in the world of which no concrete solution has been found to help address the problem. This paper will look at the negative  effects of excessive consumption of  alcohol with emphasis on the long term of alcohol foryounger adults  in the world, some of the effects are social while some are health related (

First, it should be noted that alcohol is the leading drug in the whole world, the naked truth is that it bears  very many disadvantages. Many young adults take alcohol without trying to look at the other side, which is the effects of taking alcohol, there are some who even take alcohol for weird reasons.There are some young adults who take alcohol to get the courage to do some of the weirdest things a person can think of.There are some who take alcohol to help them face the problems in the world as most of them say but they don’t stop and ask themselves about the aftermath of taking alcohol. After taking alcohol most people feel effects such as nausea, hangovers, stomach poisoning, dizziness, and severe headaches.Effects of alcohol abuse are divided into two long term and short term (

Short term effects

There are some effects of alcohol that are regarded as short term effects as they don’t last for a long time some of the short term effects include;  blood poisoning which lead to confusion, people who have taken alcohol at times get very confused that they don’t know what to do or what they are doing. There are some people who are unable to respond after taking alcohol this is because they have temporarily lost their senses.There have been cases of people who have been unable to breathe properly after taking alcohol there have been extreme cases where people have gone into coma after taking alcohol. Even though most young adults consider the short term effects as being “normal” after taking alcohol, they don’t stop and ask themselves what causes theseeffects (

Most traditional brews in most communities were made of materials that were locally available such as grapes; there are some communities in Africa that used fermented corn or maize to make their alcoholic drinks. All that changed, most alcoholic drinks in the contemporary world are made of toxic chemicals such as ethanol, and ironically ethanol is used to make things such as Sanitizers and nail polish. Most alcoholic making companies have introduced alcoholic drinks with different flavors, in order to achieve that most companies use chemicals to make the different flavors.These are facts that are even known to almost all people taking alcohol but have chosen to ignore the effects (Gifford, 2010).

Second, addiction to alcohol can make a person to act uncontrollably. This may be due to the depr.............

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