Al Qaeda Terror Group

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Al Qaeda Terror Group

Al-Qaeda is an Arabic word used to describe a  terrorist group that operates globally  that was formed by its leader Osama bin laden way back in the year is mainly made of Muslims of the Sunni group and is made of an army that operates in many nations but does not belong to any country specifically. This group has been accused of many atrocities that include the bombing of the US and its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 and the bombing. The group has been growing in numbers since then to date. This group is characterized by the use of suicide bombing and ensuring that their targets are bombed at the same time. This group has members who have sworn to do whatever is asked of them by their leader Osama bin laden. The training of these individuals is done in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq they are driven by the urge to ensure that the whole world professes to the Muslim faith. They belief that the Jews and Christians are united to destroy them.( Bergen, 2006)

The organization of the group

The group was initially organized in such a way that all decisions are made from one central point.  But with the current developments the group has had to centre its offices in most area of the world. Despite this, most expe6ts fell that as much as the offices are decentralized, the people receive the orders from their superior, Mr. Osama. They further belief that as much as the group was united with a common goal at first, they have to disintegrate and form so many small groups (Fawaz G ,2005).


There is little information about its leadership as provided by Jamal al Fadl. It is believed that Osama was the commander of the group. But since the execution of Osama his deputy took over the leadership of the group. By august 2010, the recognized leader of the group was Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah.  (Fawaz G, 2005)


According to the information obtained from the

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