Aids In Africa

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Aids In Africa

The goal of this essay is to analyze a report on AIDS in Africa and explain the views of different pharmaceutical companies concerning the distribution of various antiretroviral drugs. Hopefully, it will help us identify the main reason behind the high prevalence rates of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ricardo credited with the theory of comparative advantage probably, would have encouraged the pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs they were well suited for in surplus. Consequently, they would sell surplus drugs to the developing countries at subsidized prices in exchange of cheaper raw materials and better governmental policies. Locke on the other hand, would have supported the companies arguing that the prices were determined by the supply-demand chain. Another sociologist Smith, would have criticized the companies for trying to monopolize the market via the TRIPS agreement so as to fix higher prices for the drugs. Lastly, Marx would have encouraged the companies to come up with prices based on the labor used from research to processing.

The positions of GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol- Myers Squibb lie behind Locke’s view on property while Cipla’s position lies behind Marx’s view on property. Apparently, Cipla is the only group according to the article, which holds the correct view .............

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