Agenda of Business Meeting

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Agenda of Business Meeting



In Attendance:

Topics of discussion:

  • Team building tips
  • Problem solving
  1. Team building

Goals and targets:

To enable Supervisors effectively plan and facilitate meetings within their areas of operation. The aim of these meetings is to build a mentality of teamwork among workers, a strategy that will increase productivity on the overall. This is in line with the desire of the new board of directors of the company to put in place a team approach for the Company’s activities.

Teams to carry out tasks:

The Supervisors are naturally expected to be the team leaders, or when deem fit; they can delegate the responsibility to a team member. The teams should be constituted in such a manner that they are all-inclusive of the various departments.


  1. Members of the meeting are expected to provide independent opinion and ideas towards these propositions.
  2. A review of case studies and documented materials on the best strategies of team building in a Company setting.
  3. In cases that require decision making, the supervisor must consult with the General Coordinator.
  4. To maintain focus in work teams, the Supervisor should demand a report of the activities of each work team at every meeting. The reports may include challenges encountered and successes achieved within the specified period of two consecutive meetings.
  5. Work teams should clearly understand the expectations of the Company and the Supervisor is expected to provide periodical evaluation of the employees’ understanding to the General Coordinator.


The time allocated for meetings should be sufficient to cover the whole agenda, but discretion should be applied to avoid spending too much time on certain topics of discussion. Proper .............

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