Agenda implementation

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Agenda implementation


The making of a bill is one of the most fundamentals jobs of any legislative house worth its name in whichever country leave alone USA. However what is worrying is the length and strenuous procedures that a bill passes before it becomes law. Given the many other things congress must do , it therefore goes without saying that some bills do not see the light of the day and if they see it is after a very long time[1]. This is the case world over and America is no exception.

Question one

Based on this background, I can comfortably say that the chance of president Obama having his way and ensuring that these bills become law is impossible. The first reason being that the bills are simply too many as compared to the remaining time of the congress. Our congress is well known for taking long to pass a bill especially that one which does not benefit them directly[2]. The second reason is that there is political fighting between the democrats and the republicans, therefore the republicans may be having ulterior motives to use this as a way to sabotage Obama’s rule. Finally it may not be possible to realize these laws because of the perceived political divide in the entire legislation process.

Question two

The first president whom I liked very much in the ways he implemented his agendas is Bill Clinton. He had the ability to oversee an obstacle in any of his undertaking well in advance and thus prepare by reaching to the various committees and subcommittees before a bill reaches the floor of the house. In the same note was Gerald Ford (1913-20.............

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