Ageism and the Media

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Ageism and the Media

  1. Name the character and the television show or movie and when you saw it.

Answer of question 1

Nora Walker in the television show Brothers and Sisters has been portrayed in a positive light. I watched the show in January 2011 when the season five of the series was premiering.

  1. Describe the elderly character’s appearance and at least three positive attributes/behaviours the character displayed.

Answer of question 2

Nora Walker a mother of five children and a widow to William Walker spent most of her time raising her children and at the same time helping her husband build Ojai Foods which is their family business. Although she is in the young- old category according to her chronological age, she is much younger according to her physical, functional and her perceived age. For a woman of her age, she looks younger and she is fit to take on different activities. According to the Inside Pulse, Nora Walker is tired of staying at home and does not want to be termed as an old person so, she gets a job as a radio presenter. Her show involves her giving motherly advice to her callers.

Nora Walker organizes a dinner party for her son Justin when he gets back home from Afghanistan. .She also organizes a party for her son Tommy when he got back home after being away for a year. Nora organizes these parties so as to get her family together. She is also involved in many social aspects of life where she is actively involved in raising money for cancer patients who can not afford to pay for treatment. She is an active member of the community interacting with her neighbours and friends.

As women age, they tend to feel unattractive and try to keep away from their social life. Their skin becomes thinner, drier and looses collagen forming wrinkles. This makes women shun away from the public because the public perceive them as fragile and too slow to engage in similar activities as the young generation even in activities they were good at when they were younger. This is not the case with Nora Walker who attends party including one that his daughter’s fiancé was the guest of honour. As stated in the Inside Pulse, the party comprised .............

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