Ageing in Humans

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Ageing in Humans


Ageing is defined as the accumulation of changes that takes place in human over a period of time. It is considered as a multidimensional process of psychological, physical and social change. The dimensions that come with ageing either grow and multiply over time or decline. An example is with time most people gain wisdom and knowledge. In humans, ageing is an important part of the society since it reflects on biological changes that come with it.  On the other hand, about one hundred and fifty people die of age related sickness or complications.

Age is measured by the number of years that an individual has lived. The celebration of one’s age is usually on their birthday and most people take the day to be a special day in their lives. There are various ways in which different groups, nations, non-government organization, and government classify the age of their population (Evered, Devid and Julie, 66).  The increase in the number of older people in the society is known as population ageing and is caused by a number of issues such as long life expectancy, low birth rate, and migration.

The process of ageing affects the society in various ways. With the increase of young people and older tend to hold on to their jobs since they claim to be more experienced, the young people are left with no jobs and they end up committing crimes. Besides the crime, it is still the young people in the society that push for both social and political changes when the old seem to be less bothered by them. It is also the young people within the society that develop and easily adapt to new technology that the old enjoy. The society and the government require very little from the old as compared to the young.  The paper will discuss ageing in human.

According to the scientists, there are various theories that explain the process of ageing though none of them satisfies the reader. Most theories used in the past to explain ageing were not genetically related. However, the modern theories used to explain the process of ageing are categories into two which are error and programmed theories.

According to the programmed theory, aging comes about as a biological timetable whereby one grows from being a child and later develops. The changes that take place in development depends on the changes that take place in gene expression which later affects the systems that are in charge of maintaining, repairing and defending the body (Holliday, 78). On the other hand, the error theory states that ageing is caused by environmental assaults that take place in humans. Moreover, the environmental assaults are the induce damages at different levels.

The programmed theory is further divided into three categories which are programmed longevity, endocrine, and immunology theory.  Programmed longevity theory states that aging is caused by successive switching on and off of particular genes. The outcome of the process shows at a time when age related deficits are displayed. The endocrine theory states that biological clock controls the hormones which in turn controls the rate and pace at which people age (Holliday and Robin, 34).

Research shows that aging is regulated by hormones and a certain insulin IGF-1 plays a key role in regulating hormones responsible for ageing.  According to the immunological theory, it is the immune system that has been set in such a way that it declines over time. This eventually leads to increased vulnerability to infectious diseases thus one age’s and then dies.

Research shows that the peak of one’s immune system is at puberty and it keeps going down as they grow old.

Damage theory is also further divided into other theories that explain is in the details.  The wear and tear theory states that the tissues and cells have crucial parts that wear out with time leading to aging. Just like any machine that wears out body parts wear out due to over use and lack of proper care. At the end, we kill the body parts as well as the body itself. According to the rate of living theory, an individual life span is shortened by rate of oxygen basal metabolism. This theory does not explain an individual’s maximum life span.

The crossed linked theory states that aging is as a result of the accumulation of the cross linked proteins which damage both the tissues and cells. The damaged body then slows down in its processes thus leading to ageing.

Ageing is one of the things that cannot be avoided in life for human beings cannot live forever. They have to grow from babies to children, adults, and then grow old. As we age, there are a number of responsibilities that come with it. It is important that we prepare early enough for responsibilities to avoid some of the misfortunes that come with irresponsibility. It is also the duty of the government to ensure that its citizens are catered for depending on their age (Clare, Linda and Robert, 12). Most nations are not economically prepared to handle the youth and they end up breaking the law.

In most countries the youth end up doing drugs and commit crimes due to lack of employment. Most employers like to maintain older people since they believe that they are wise and they rarely make silly mistakes. This leaves the youth with no choice but fight to survive. On the other hand, the youth th.............

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