Against Death Penalty

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Against Death Penalty

Against Death Penalty

Death penalty has remained the moist controversial subject in the judicial system over the years. It refers to the execution or termination of a person’s life by the state; usually as a way of punishment to a capital offence like homicide, rape and kidnapping among others. There are heated debates regarding the legality or illegality of the subject of death penalty. This controversy has resulted to the formation of many pro and anti death penalty campaign groups around the world. It has also led to the birth of international organizations like the Amnesty International; a human rights organization which is strongly opposed to the death penalty in all cases without any exceptions. It is against the background of the perceived human rights violations by the death penalty that campaigns against the death penalty have taken centre stage.

Many anti death penalty campaigners argue that using death penalty as a punishment for capital crimes does not result to achieving the desired rehabilitation or corrective objectives of the judicial system although some argue that it is the right way of punishing capital crime, it does not achieve the much needed rehabilitative role since a dead person can neither be rehabilitated nor corrected. Death penalty has also been viewed by most individuals and organizations as degradation to the immense value accorded to human life. Some organizations like the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) have been working tirelessly to end the disturbing scenes of the state sanctioned deaths in the United States. In many circumstances, death penalty defendants who cannot afford the huge expenses needed for paying legal fees as well as appealing their cases are accorded unfair treatment by the courts. Research in the United States has proved that poor death roll defendants from pro death penalty counties demonstrated a higher chance of been executed. Doesn’t this suggest unfair treatment?

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