Afton Canyon Riparian Restoration

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Afton Canyon Riparian Restoration

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Afton Canyon Riparian Restoration


The report focuses on four years of the restoration project and the successes and limitations in relation to the outlined goals and objectives. The Afton Canyon Riparian Restoration was initiated with the objectives of restoring the elements of native plant community, controlling the survival of exotic plants and minimizing the effects of human activity on the riparian vegetation in the Mojave River.

Report analysis

The project seeks to improve the stream health, condition rating and proper functioning of the stream in maintaining the ecological balance. Human activity plays a significant role in affecting the development of the project. The outlined activities taking place in the region include water diversion, railroad construction, pumping of ground water and flood control. As such, the restoration project has implemented various techniques to guarantee the restoration of native plant species and control the plant population. Some techniques include limiting the use of herbicides together with managing the existing vegetation near the river.

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The restoration pr.............

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