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Advertising or marketing is arguably one of the most rewarding and crucial aspects of any business. It goes without saying that it has a bearing on the profitability and success of the business as it opens up new markets while safeguarding the existing ones. Like other aspects of the business world, advertising has undergone tremendous changes in the recent times. This is mainly because of advancement in science and technology, which has taken varied fields to an entire new world. It is worth noting that technology has been incorporated in almost every conceivable field including people’s homes. This has, therefore, triggered a consequential change in other fields. Technology has allowed advertisers to have the capacity to reach markets that businesses would never have reached in a long time. In essence, businesses have incorporated online advertising, also known as digital advertising in an effort to expand their market reach. Digital advertising refers to a promotion method that involves the use of World Wide Web and the Internet so as to deliver marketing messages in an effort to attract customers. Digital advertising has become a successful marketing strategy thanks to its responsiveness, versatility, as well as the capability for building brand awareness, engagement, and driving purchase behavior and response. It is, therefore, no surprise that 15% of the ad budgets in the world are spent in digital advertising.

While quite a large number of businesses have adopted digital advertising, none has done it better than Starbucks. It is worth noting that Starbucks was pioneer consumer brand to attain ten million fans in its Facebook page. Starbucks has become the leading social marketer in the world after being ranked number one in online engagement on Facebook, as well as the number one Tweeted brand. The company has done this through incorporating creative opportunities, which have not only empowered its fans but also helped the global community. One key thing that Starbuck pays attention to in its digital advertising is the content incorporated in the conversations. As much as many people would think that all one would need is a conversation, it is always crucial to back it up with meaningful, tailored and fun content to complete the fun experience. This is something on which Starbucks has invested heavily. There are three things that Starbucks has done to maintain its position as a leading digital marketer.

The first lesson comes from its Digital Scavenger hunt. Its SRCH was essentially a scavenger hunt that partnered with Lady Gaga. The game started with Cryptic QR code with the players being led through various digital and cerebral cues. Players would visit blogs, as well as Starbucks digital properties so as to decode the messages that involved logic, math, pop culture and reading. The main idea behind the scavenger hunt was allowing for interaction and fun even as it engaged in marketing.

In addition, Starbucks has made accelerated reader look easy and uncomplicated. It launched its first key augmented, reality application known as Cup Magic. The free application, which is used in Android and iPhone devices, operates by the user pointing his or her phone’s camera to certain Starbucks coffee cups, as well as other additional objects such as coffee and tea bags. In doing so, the characters are animated on the screen, in which case the .............

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