Advertising men and women’s shoes

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Advertising men and women’s shoes

Advertisers have the knowledge to appeal to emotions of people, both men and women, in their attempt to make them buy the goods they are selling. Women have been appealed to through body shape of a woman, as well as, a thin, skinny body. On the other hand, men have been appealed to through the need for power and prominence, as well as, autonomy and satisfaction of curiosity. This paper is going to argue that, in advertising shoes, men are appealed to through the need for prominence, affiliation, and autonomy; while women are appealed to through the need for satisfying aesthetic sensation, attention and affiliation.

The need for affiliation is so strong that it is an appeal applied in both men and women. This need easily commands the aspect of human beings that is composed of emotions. Concerning the fifteen basic appeals of advertising, Fowles (38) connotes about affiliation that advertisement apply the need for an association to a great deal, and in most cases, it is the best appeal.The advertiser uses famous men in the nation, or the world to advertise their shoes by appealing to the need for men to be affiliated. On the same note, they use celebrity women to advertise women’s shoes. In the need to feel associated to these people, both men and women’s emotions are appealed to, and they end up buying the shoes.

The need for prominence is much applied in men. Men will always like to be associated with prominence. Many societies in the world regard men as being the head of the family. They are regarded as symbols of authority. The symbols of authority in the society are prominent people. By using prominent people, the advertisers are sure that they will capture some men who would like to wear the same shoe with a prominent person. To take it even further, advertising companies give gifts of their shoes to prominent people so that they can wear them in public. When other men see this, they are appealed to and are attracted to the shoe. When this is backed up with a media ad, the men end up buying the shoe. Further, autonomy and class are characteristic of men. They would like to wear that shoe that separates them from those they regard junior in the society. For this reason, advertising companies will try to show the men how wearing a particular shoe will differentiate them from others in the society.

The need for satisfying aesthetic sensations and attention is applied much in the women than the men. Advertising companies knows this and how well it works for them, and they will apply it at the fastest opportunity. For example, an advertising company will use an image of a beautiful, skinny, thin lady wearing the shoe they are advertising. This is because their understanding of the psychology of a woman points to their ease to be appealed by body shape. Almost every woman in the world is appealed to such a shape. Upon watching the image, the women will be appealed to, and will end up buying the shoe. Again, the company can decide to use the television to advertise the shoe, it is most probably going to use a thin-body shaped woman to walk across systematically wearing the shoe that is being advertised. Women will associate these aesthetics with the woman, and they will buy the shoe.

On the other hand, aesthetic satisfaction is not as strong an appeal in men l.............

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