Advertisement/Magazine Cover Essay

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Advertisement/Magazine Cover Essay

Many media houses are kept in business by the revenue got from posting advertisements on their pages or through giving some air time for the advertisement to be aired during commercial breaks on the television stations. Advertisement are mainly used to promote consumer awareness or to promote more sales of a particular product, on the other hand there are some advertisement are put on papers or television stations to discredit others.

Almost each and every sector in the world has turned on to advertisement to promote their goods or services; commercial companies are prohibited from making any false claims regarding their products or their competitors in the business. In politics however such standards do not apply as speech, statements, and advertisements in politics are considered as“Political speech”, in the United States that is protected under the first amendment. Candidates are allowed to launch unfounded scathing attacks on their opponents and at times even make false claims.  Broadcasters are obligated to air the advertisements even though at times they know that they are false, this is because under the Federal Communications Act a broad casting station can put a blanket cover and reject all advertisement whether true or false but, they cannot refuse some advertisements and accept others (Kenney, pg. 180).

But it’s not just that candidates are allowed to launch unfounded attacks against their opponents or make false claims about their own records. Broadcasters are actually obligated to run their ads, even those known to be false. Under the Federal Communications Act, a station can have a blanket policy of refusing all ads from all candidates. But they cannot single out .............

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