Advertisement; Illusion of Beauty

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Advertisement; Illusion of Beauty

Jean Kilbourne is a feminist writer, orator and film maker who has gained worldly recognition for her contributions towards showcasing the negative depiction of women in advertising. In a YouTube video dubbed “Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women”, Kilbourne in her lecture expresses strong sentiments on advertising use of women and the effects of the perspectives being conveyed through such adverts. Kilbourne is correct in her assertion that advertisements dehumanize women and can lead to violence.

In her opening remarks, Kilbourne avers that the position of women in advertising has continued to get worse during her forty year involvement in the area. She says, “…really, they’ve gotten worse.” She further goes to say that adverts sell more than products because of concepts they portray such sexuality, love, normalcy and success. In fact, Kilbourne declares that adverts have such a profound influence on viewers that they don’t only tell people who they are, but who they should be. The message conveyed about women is that outside beauty is paramount to any other thing. To bolster this message, advertisers flood the media with depictions of idealistic feminine beauty.  As a result young girls grow up knowing that one must dedicate endless time, effort and finances towards their quest of attaining the zenith of beauty. Kilbourne says that in the event that one fails to accomplish the above ideals, they not only suffer from guilt, but feel ashamed too.

However, she is prompt to note that in such strenuous pursuits, one is sure to fail because the said standards of perfection are founded upon falsehoods. These falsehoods that have continually been upheld thanks to make-up artists and air brush have received technological backing. Photo shopping has gained prominence in the world of advertising and all if not most photos of.............

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