Advertisement evaluation. What makes a good advertisement

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Advertisement evaluation. What makes a good advertisement

Advertising is the non-personal transfer of information, usually paid for and is persuasive about products services and ideas by sponsors on behalf of a firm or company.  Non-personal meaning there is no direct contact between the seller and the buyer or receiver of the product. An advertisement is meant to be persuasive so as to catch the eye of the intended party and this whole service of advertising involves paying of the advertisement firms.

The ultimate goal of advertising is to make the consumer buy or use the good or service being advertised. For an advert to be effective it must have the right message and proper means of delivering the message is required. The attributes to an effective advertising are divided into three categories and features relating to: consumer, message and the advertising copy.

  1. One should have a complete idea and knowledge of the target group, their personality, income, age etc. An advertisement should be created in accordance to the characteristics of the targeted group.
  2. Using of the appropriate media, this allows the message to effectively reach the targeted audience. Knowing level of education of the intended group and the accessibility t media like computer and television.
  3. Repetition is the number of times an advert is aired. This can determine whether the message will remain in the memory of the targeted group or it will be a disinterest to them. The time gap should be appropriate (Griffin, 2006).
  4. Timeline, this refers to the time an advert appears or is placed in the T.V or daily paper respectively. This allows the advert to be viewed by the highest number of people.
  5. The message should be understandable and readable to all in the public. The language used should be simple and easy to understand. The message should be clear and consistent to the brand or item being advertised.
  6. Highlight special features of the product, it should say something exclusive about the product which other brands do not have. The customers should feel the product or service is better than its competitors.
  7. The message should be easy to recall, the words used must be easy to memorise and recall. Whenever customers go for shopping the words should ring in their minds.
  8. The advert should be educational, i.e. it should educate the user on how to use a certain product. Location from which the product comes from (Gupta, 2009).

The first advertisement is about Johnsons Baby milk lotion. An oil product that takes care of babies’ skin softens the delicate skin of the baby and lives it moist. Johnson’s body skin care company is the firm that heads for this commercial, it’s accompany that deals and specializes in the manufacture of body ointment products both for adults and children.

Purpose for setting up this advert is to show what the product is.i.e. its name, it also shows to whom the product, in this case the baby body lotion, is intended for and how it is used. The commercial shows a woman applying the cream, which is white in colour and the colour itself makes the product seem ‘pure’. White is a colour that in itself symbolizes or gives one the notion of purity. As she is doing it on herself, she applies it on the baby smoothly and tenderly. The commercial shows how the skin becomes smooth and moist. The advert also shows the packaging of the product which is attractive, a well designed bottle with an easy to pop up lead. The company also tries to make it interesting by showing the woman playing with the little boy; this creates an affectionate mood to the commercial creating t.............

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