Advantages of Distance Learning

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Advantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning is the study mode void of the immediate or constant supervision of the instructors or the lecturers; it benefits from the guidance of tutorials and planning of a tutorial organization. Distance learning is where the student is far away from the tutors, and the institution of learning, the model lacks the interactivity or face-to-face contact between the student and the tutor (Banas& Emory, 1998).

Modern communication media play an indispensable role in ensuring that that the tutorials of the tutor and counseling system reach the student in local centers or any other place where the student can access that medium in real time. Distance learning no doubt has a value to the busy and well-motivated adults because they can access the learning environment at the comfort of their homes.

Distance learning day in day out is attracting so many learners across the globe who are either busy to attend the classes in person or lack the financial capability to do so. The learner is supposed to have a reliable media through which the tutors can access them (Carr, 2000). One of the common media that is in distance learning is the internet that connects all the places in the world. The tutor may also decide to use phone calls or the radio depending on the agreement they make with their students.

In this case, the study pack will revolve around the continuing education in the field of shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia is a complication that occurs at childbirth such that the after-birth of the unborn baby, the baby’s anterior shoulders remain dislodged behind the mother’s pubic bone in the vagina. Shoulder dystocia is the most anxiety provoking emergencies that the health professional encounter in the maternity ward. It results from the impaction of the posterior shoulder on the sacral promontory. So many factors influence the shoulder dystocia inclusive of the mother’s health and the extraction mechanism used during delivery.

The learning program in question is the continuing education. Continuing education here means that the students are professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge about shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia captures our interests, as it is the most challenging emergencies that tend to trouble physicians and midwifes. The learning resources are within the confines of the system, on the internet or any other open learning resources as specified by that institution. Interestingly, the open learning institution module is common to many colleges and universities and any middle-level institution offering post-high school studies. Any educational institution that wishes to offer distance learning can access it by buying the software and programme the site to suit their demands or as per the requirements of the course (Li, Tsai & Tsai, 2008).

At the end of this program, we are going to know how we are going to handle different situations leading to shoulder dystocia. Just like any other institution that the students are attending, open learning offers great opportunities for their students to develop skills, professionalism, and discipline. A student is not supposed to miss the online tutorials because they will account for the overall aggregate grade. In some institutions, the students make attempts and attend live classes for the lecturers and tutors to access their personalities.

  1. Describe the type of model

Pedagogical model used in this study because it meant for open and distance learning (E-learning) and it entails of the students who are away from classes because they are busy, or they are self- motivated somewhere. The nurses are students of this program of the course, and they form the same audience with the labor. In pedagogical model of education, the students and the teacher or the tutor cannot meet at any point but discuss their class work through the internet. In studying shoulder dystocia, the nurses can find material for use on the internet or bookstores.

In the pedagogical model education is not only a social tool that delivers messages from one individual to another, but also to expedite another person’s social status. This type of a model boosts an individual’s cultural aspect and at the same instance, develops the character’s skill at will. Educators do not have individualism and do not have a lot of freedom. The program is tailor-made for home-based students. The nurses are required to login to the educational site and follow the instructions. The choice of this program in the shoulder dystocia is because most of the nurses are busy with their jobs, therefore, cannot afford to attend physical classes. The program ensures that nurses can attend their online classes at their convenient time.

  1. Describe the learning program

Continuing education is a post-secondary education meant to enable one to acquire additional certificates or credits in order to enable them maintain their Licence. Therefore, nurses are required to undergo this training to add value towards their career and consequently increase their knowledge as far as their nursing is concern. Shoulder dystocia is a dangerous problem that many women suffer. The nurses are required to know how they should handle such patients to avoid further maternal deaths.

The program will also require each nurse to cover all the required topics as stipulated in the curriculum; the topics covered revolve around handling shoulder dystocia cases. The program’s aim is to educate nurses on the recent advances of shoulder dystocia and other aspects of attending a laboring woman in the maternity room. Coming to the end of this course, those students who will be successful will receive a certificate as proof of having undergone training on handling shoulder dystocia cases.

The program encompasses many learning objectives about shoulder dystocia. The learners should be in a position of stating the common risks factors that a patient with shoulder dystocia can face. Students will also be required to describe the potential complications of shoulder dystocia. The study will also focus on the areas where the student performs maneuvers to relieve shoulder dystocia. Finally, the study will also describe the components of a shoulder dystocia.

This program on shoulder dystocia will cover the following topics:

Introduction- this is a brief introduction of the term shoulder dystocia. The introduction gives the definition of the term shoulder dystocia

Identify the risk factors: in this case, we are going to discuss some of the dangerous factors that may have caused the problem of shoulder dystocia to happen. It will include factors such as the gestational diabetes, short stature, postdates pregnancy, abnormal pelvic anatomy, and previous shoulder dystocia.

Complications of shoulder dystocia: in this case we are going to consider some of the dangers ta woman is likely to incur after she has been aff.............

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