Advantages and Disadvantages of Tricycles

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tricycles


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The main advantage of this tricycle is that it has been fitted with a pivot system steering. This is crucial as it increases efficiency as well as the safety of the tricycle. The tricycle has got brakes that are in a strategic position and thus can be used even in a prompt manner. There are also steering handles connected to pivot steering system to enhance safety. Finally, the chain has been connected to the back wheel to enhance easy riding.


The pivot system steering risks easy breakdown of the tricycle. This is because the pivot is used by the wheels as well as the handles. The brakes also have been fitted in a manner that might confuse the rider in case of an emergency need to stop.

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The tricycle has the advantage of being fitted with an adjustable frame. This will come in handy when adjusting if at all the need arises. There is also a battery/mo.............

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