Advanced psychopathology and diagnosis

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Advanced psychopathology and diagnosis






  • What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses in having standardized diagnostic criteria? Describe at least one strength and one weakness.
  1. One strength in having the standardized diagnostic criteria is the fact it enables one in the medical field be able to understand a disorder, its failures and success through examination. Making an accurate definition and description of a disorder implies that the patient has a distinct illness, and this information is of relevance to the mental health professional who later on communicate with their patients (Lerner 2007, pp2-4). In terms of weaknesses a standardized diagnostic criteria is based on operational explanations rather than etiological understanding thus not properly incorporated into the evidence based patterns (Lerner 2007, p. 49), this means that diagnoses an change over time and since operational definitions are missing, then diagnostic criteria may not be stated formally (Lerner 2007, p. 1). Based on the weakness, I think the greatest problem in mental health is unjustified scientific validity, which is so widespread. This can create stigma more so to the patient diagnosed with mental illness.
  • Describe at least 3 things you learned in this class that you think will be helpful to you as a therapist. Describe why or how you think they will be helpful.
  1. One of the things I have learned in class is working with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The information provided in the manual can be extremely helpful and also DSM principles .............

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