Advanced Networking Proposal and Network Diagrams – Proposal

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Advanced Networking Proposal and Network Diagrams – Proposal


















Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary —————————————————————————3
  2. Project Plan ————————————————————————————5

Components/Network Configurations——————————————————–5

Network Operating System ——————————————————————-6

Data Communication Media ——————————————————————-6

Common Carriers and Service Usage ——————————————————–7

Hardware Needs ——————————————————————————-8

IT Policy ————————————————————————————–9

Network Diagram —————————————————————————-11

  • Budget —————————————————————————————–12
  1. References ————————————————————————————1

Executive Summary

The Western Count Bank is exponentiallygrowing in size on a Daily basis. However, the bank equipment with old computers approximately five years old has presented problems with the active employees. Moreover, customers and employees have been uncomfortable with some of services offered by bank such as unwitting breakdowns in their systems, lack of support to online banking, and lack of support to mobility. An unreliable networking scheme has attributed to the comprehensive reliance of personal connection between computersfor sharingof the ink jet printer. The Western County Bank also only has two routers, one for connection to the Wide Area Network and another for internet connection. This has led to inconveniences in company operations as attributed recently when the routers were under maintenancehence denying the employees access the internet. Owing to this problem, the bank intends to refurbish the networking scheme by introducing redundant connections between the wide area network and the internet connections to avoid occurrence of such problems in future. It also intends to keep its ARIN-assigned (American Registry for Internet Numbers) public Internet Protocol (IP) block and use two internet service providers to ensure network connection reliability. Another problem faced by the bank is that the network routers not only breakdown, but alsohave problems with minimal filtering in the OSI layers 2-4 of the network. This has prompted the bank to implement security products that can filter OSI layers and ensure that the seven layers of the OSI remain protected from common network attacks. The bank also intends to have a datacenter that has client’s information and applications that every employee can easily access. The Bank also intends to incorporate measures that will ensure that Employeescaneasily share laser printers and that the datacenter has enough storage capacity for both the current and future operations of the company. The purchased multiprotocol storage area network (SAN) arrayswill providethisservice.

The Western County Bank intends to implement a simple guest wireless access point in their main office protected through simple pre-shared key authentication and provides internet access in the headquarters database to any interfacing apps. Moreover, each employee will possess a company email, which employees may use for financial purposes accessible by outside systems and networks through an internet connection. In addition to upgrading equipment and implementing a network, the bank intends to have an integrated authentication through Microsoft Active Directory (AD) infrastructure that willestablish employee authentication before delegating network access to any mobile device. Lastly, the bank faces limited power supply especially in locations wireless access points are to be deployed. The solution for this problem will involve implementation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) at the access layer of the switched infrastructure.

Implementing this network proposal assures the bank of areliablerenewal from their previous computer systems and network infrastructure. Firstly, old operation systems will undergo completereinstallation and vital information maintained in the new network system.Following this is the creation of new configurations and network designs that conform to the standards set by the company detailed in occasions of rolling out new computers layouts, connection equipment, and peripherals. When the configuration and design is established, a suitable network Operating system will be selectedto control, manage, and share the company apps and information. The configurations, design and network operating systems form the key components of a prosperous network. Therefore, the wide and the local area network, types of media communication, and components will undergo examination and documentation in the network design phasetoestablish how thedifferent parts of the networklink and function. The new network services will be managed by corporate IT policy compiled by company network consultants, directors and owners. Lastly, the budget penned at the end of this proposal should give the West County Bank a rough estimate of the work time and network installation costs.

Project plan

Components/ Network Configuration

The West County Bank raises the question: “is there a need for the network?” clearly, the network needs to be establishedif the organization is to fulfill their intentions of using a network that can share apps, information, or software and particularly,to achieve the notion of utilizing a datacenter. A logical network topology setup with the provided information and the intentions of the company would require the utilization of a star topology. Star topology, utilizing a server-based network scheme, will provide access to centrally polled accounts and file storage servers enabling easier, cardinal access hence allowing the staffs use single account authentications (Newman, 2010). Employees need to have access to all services and files simultaneously. This calls for utilizing a server, which will process several requests of similar data without deterioration in its performance. This design will also allow client computers, server, and laser printers to be linked to a cardinal switch that can share data across the local area network (LAN) and the wide area network (WAN). Redundant routers, connected to a modem, will give access to the wide area network and the internet source ISP(Tian, 2004). The server purposes will include hosting the bank’s database of client files, a server for various desired printers, and hostingallemployees’ bank e-mail accounts. Nevertheless,despite the star topology ability to provide the staff with enhanced andflexible network architecture for a formidable working environment, it remains susceptible to probable downfalls. Physically wiring the system to link the various computers utilizing star topology requires extra workforce and cabling for installation.  Requirement of the cabling to run via tight enclosures, ceilings, or under the carpet can be strenuous and time consuming. Considering the growth rateencompassed for West County Bank necessitated by employment of a server-based network, it should suffice for the difficulties involved in the setup and utilization of the new network.

Network operating system

The star topology network, client computers, and the server configuration management and governance will be designated to Microsoft’s latestedition of server operating system that is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. With the implementation of the Windows 2008 server, along with windows operating systems for the network terminals, the networks services of the bank, its office production apps, security software, and specialization software will operate effectively for the bank staff. This will ensure compatibility with programs such as windows based elective services that include SQL 2005, Exchange Server 2007, or share point server. Productivity programs of the office such as spreadsheets, word processors, and presentation software will be availed for staff use with the installment of Microsoft’s Office 2007 suite. Operating systems of Microsoft and their programs work perfectly and possesshigh-level file compatibility. Third-party business software for accounting such as Sage Simply Accounting, MYOB Business essentials, works well across networks based on windows and with software for Office Productivity.



Data communication media

Updating the computer equipment will also encompass implementation of new communication media. CAT6 Ethernet cable best suit the specs of the new computers, network equipment, and servers. All the new units have gigabit transfer compatible NICs (network interface cards) and because CAT6 is the only UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable that can handle gigabit transfer, it is the best choice for the communication media. Gigabit network cards and CAT6 cables will allow the management and employees access to files, server resources, and provide a reliable channel for communication to business agendas. Stationary computers of the bank Utilizing CAT6 cabling enjoy comprehensive network access (Tian, 2004). The main office and the other two branch offices will have a wireless access network to meet the needs of the employees who carry laptops and tablets and other guests who might come for consultancy and auditions. Simple pre-shared key authentication will provide security for the wireless network that gives access to the internet and other interfacing apps in the datacenter. The wireless access points will enhance the business’s laptops and tablets mobility capabilities. Employees with tablets and laptops, while in office, will chose to either connect to the wireless network or plug CAT6 UTP cables to access the network resources of the business.

Common carriers and services usage

Every staff is set to be equipped .............

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