Advanced Marketing Study 2014-15

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Advanced Marketing Study 2014-15

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Proposed project title

The role of social marketing in influencing consumer behaviour


The business environment today has changed drastically because of the continuous changes in technology that promotes innovations and advancement in the marketing sector. In addition, the contemporary business environment calls upon business managers to implement effective marketing strategies in order to overcome the increasing number of challenges (Tabassum 2014). Social marketing is the utilization of commercial marketing techniques in the process of analyzing, planning, executing and evaluation of programs aimed at behaviours of target market. Social marketing improves the relationship between individual customers and that of the society (Lefebvre 2011). The following project will analyze the role of played by social marketing in influencing consumer behaviours towards specific brands available in the market today.

The project is worth doing because its outcomes will assist professions in the marketing field understand the importance of implementing social marketing strategies in their organizations. In addition, the project will increase the researcher’s knowledge of social marketing through studying different theories and studies that focus on the issue of social marketing in the society today. Moreover, the project is worthwhile in promoting social change programmes that will educate the audience about current technologies (Patino, Pitta and Quinones 2012, pp. 233-234).

Both developed and developing countries have evolved differently in terms of technology adaptation resulting into different approaches towards social marketing practices. Social marketing plays an essential role in influencing the performance of an organization because more people use social media channels for both business and private users. According to Lefebvre (2012), social marketing practices develop and apply techniques that create value for the society. Lack integrated research and evidence-based approaches have led into many people in diverse societies failing to understand the aspect of social marketing and using traditional marketing strategies that have no place in the modern business environment. The following research will focus more on consumers and their take on social marketing in order to promote a technologically advanced society.

Theoretical approach also plays a major role in realizing the objectives of this research. The exchange theory forms the most significant theoretical approach for this research. The exchange theory links social marketing to marketing roots. The concept of this theory assists in describing social marketing in terms of its significance to businesses today and comparing the present marketing strategies to the past strategies (Lefebvre 2000; Kotler & Roberto, 1989). In addition, the research will use Gallopel-Morvan’s reasoned action theoretical approach. This approach helps in analyzing consumers and the environment by identifying tools that allow a better understanding of people and the environment. The approach involves observing the market and its competitors and designing the program effectively links these two elements (Gallopel-Morvan 2008).

On the other hand, research by Farooq, Jan, and Karachi (2012) investigated the impact of social networking on marketing through product reviews. The study claimed that online social networking channels have become very popular, and most entrepreneurs use them in marketing their products and services. Moreover, social media are currently the best opportunity for businesses to link with customers globally and understanding its concept will help many organizations increase their pool of customers. The presence of social media channels in the society has become more sophisticated that people cannot afford to live without it. Global companies use social media marketing because it has a potential marketing platform that promotes innovation (Neti 2011). New entrepreneurs require the knowledge of social media and the outcomes of this research will help more businesses achieve their production goals.

Research Questions/Objectives

             The research aims at determining the role of social marketing through social media networks in influencing consumers’ behaviour. The research will be guided by the following questions.

  1. What is the role of social media networking channels in marketing?
  2. How do social media influence the purchasing behaviour of a buyer?
  3. What social marketing strategies work in the modern business environment?
  4. What are the roles of technology in linking buyers, entrepreneurs and the business environment?

Methodology (Research Design/ Data Collection)

Research design

            A quantitative research design will be utilized because it allows the researcher record data in its normal form. The design will utilize an objective data collection procedure that will focus more on real data. Primary and secondary data will be gathered from the target population and analyzed.

Population of interest

The research will take place in Bath City found in England, United Kingdom. Pensford Town forms the main population of focus for this study. The location was selected because of its high density and availability of many businesses. In addition, the area shows a lot of diversification in terms of cultural groups, education levels, and social-economic factors. The study group of 250 participants will be randomly selected from the whole population who will form the response group.

Sampling design

            The research will utilize stratified sampling .............

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