Advanced Accounting: Advanced Tax Research and Jurisprudence

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Ethics refers to conduct and how it can have a positive impact. Most times, the news focuses on issues that affect accountants. Accountants are being accused that they are not following the established codes of ethics (Dayson, 2010). Controllers, Chief accounting officers and Chief financial officers are the ones most likely to commit acts, which are unethical. In the United States, tax returns are filled by around 135 million people. More than half of this population obtains assistance from tax accountants. There are people, who might not want to pay and others want to pay it at an extremely low price. In turn, tax accountants are faced with challenges, which threaten their morality as well as ethics (Dayson, 2010).

This paper seeks to give an analysis of issues on Ethics, Morality and Legality in tax accounting. Also, it seeks to investigate the view provided by the scriptures in the Bible concerning matters related to tax.

Keywords: Tax, Ethical, Moral, Legal, Accounting

Issues involved in Tax Accounting

The case study is about tax accountants, who are often pressurized, to engage in acts considered to be immoral, unethical as well as illegal. Clients try and attempt to evade paying taxes or even trying to pay the least amount of tax. Accountants should be able to make decisions, which are morally accepted. This means that they should distinguish between what is bad and that which is right. Perfection standards should be followed when making decisions, which are unethical. The tax.............

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