Adult Development and Life Assessment

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Adult Development and Life Assessment




Psychologists have always been preoccupied with matters pertaining to the influences on people’s development and come up with varied theories and models over the same. The ecological theory, posited by Urie Bronfenbrenner, states that an individual’s development is shaped by varied things including culture, family and society at large (Fancher, 1985). Looking at my life, I would attribute my shy behavior especially in talking to boys to the absence of my dad. I never got to know exactly what the best way for communicating with them would be, or even issues that would be of interest to them. On the same note, many are times when my parents would quarrel or even fight over small issues. They ended up separating a few years ago, something that affected my self-esteem tremendously. However, the effects were more pronounced in the first year, and my self-esteem is increasing with time. While both genetic makeup and environment have a role to play in my development, I must admit that the environment has played a considerably greater role. Genetic makeup may, undoubtedly, increase the likelihood than an individual will behave in a certain way, but their experiences and valu.............

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