Adoption of Plan A over Plan B

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Adoption of Plan A over Plan B

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Reasons Why the Team should Favor Plan A Over Plan B

A pay structure should project the philosophy of the applying organization and propel it to achieve its objectives. Plan B is the proposal that has been presented by the team to define the pay structure in the organization and advocates for relation of the pays to market prices. However, the plan in very many angles does not justify the course of this organization. The following are reasons for which the team should favor plan A, a projection of internal equity, over plan B.

Plan A gives consideration to factors inclusive of revenue of the organization and the capacity and ability to satisfactorily pay all employees. As such, an overstretch on the organization’s financial power will not be applied that would render the organization non-profitable and maybe bankrupt. Such considerations would also give room for increased pay in case just so if the organization can comfortably afford.

The plan can also be used as a staff motivating factor when salaries are taken beyond the market price. It would instill a sense of value in the employees and drive them to deliver. The resultant would be increased returns and financia.............

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