Adolescent’s cognitive processes

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Adolescent’s cognitive processes

Cognitive processes are essential indicators of changes that are taking place in children development. For adolescents they include tendency to direct information towards the wrong direction, interpreting ambiguous information in a negative way and having low capabilities to control the behavior and emotions individually. These processes bring anxiety and depression in adolescents.

During cognitive development adolescents develop the ability to engage in abstract thinking. It is in adolescent that human beings develop the last cognitive process known as formal operational thought. This new of intellect is abstract, speculative, and does not depend on the surrounding environment and circumstances. This abstract thinking involves thinking about the possibilities and comparing the veracity with things which exist or not (Allal, Lucile & Pierre, 2004, 156).

This kind of development best explains why the teenagers often become interested in science fiction; develop interest in occult and fantasy. Adolescents get the ability to begin comparing what is to what they think could be making th.............

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