Admission Essay, nursing profession

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Admission Essay, nursing profession

There are many people, who are changing their careers to new ones, which they believe is extremely fulfilling to them. I am attempting to carry out this bold step, and I have the requirements needed to become a registered nurse. I completed high school education in the year 1989, and later on, obtained a Business Diploma from PTEC located in Clear water FL, in the year 1991. For twenty years, I have worked as a Legal Assistant, but it seems that a career in nursing is where my passion lies. Any person can pursue a career they want, and no one should deny them the opportunity to do so.

Since I was a child, I wanted to grow up and practice in the nursing profession. I have always found it extremely fulfilling when I see smiles on people’s faces after I have helped them. Furthermore, personal experience has made me pursue a career as a Registered Nurse. I had the opportunity of taking care of a dear friend, who had terminal cancer. Also, I took care of my ailing grandmother, who was suffering from Dementia, before being taken to a nursing home. There are many times when I have had the opportunity of helping people in dire need of assistance. I will devote my life to care for people in need of my help. By obtaining the scholarship to study in the RN program, I will have moved a step closer towards attaining my ultimate dream. I am fond of reading various journals on nursing, and in turn, I have vast knowledge concerning some of the.............

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