Admission Essay for Architecture School

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Admission Essay for Architecture School

I developed desire to study architecture back in high school. The dream of emulating the likes of Terri Meyer, Rick Andrighetti, and Phillip Beesley would come true through pursuing architectural studies. University College London, Barlett remained as my first choice institution that would shape my future. Actually, a good future in architectural profession is dependent on providing the very best to the students from all possible pool of study (Buckley, 1990). Beside, the quality of the education is proportional to the fee paid in studying Architecture at UCL.

Sustaining living for seven years while studying Architecture at UCL is guaranteed given the conduciveness of the environment, the availability of the personal tools, and the learning strategies in the university. For instance, resident students are given the opportunity to enroll in the tutorial classes with minimum hurdles. Non residents are provided with the transportation, making learning efficient and affordable. Besides, the institution endorses exchange programs, benchmarking, project work and seminars to enable their students to remain updated with architectural requirements and developments (Blundell Jones, 1987).

The institution is equipped with qualified staffs who play an important role in ensuring productivity in the architectural field. Teaching body constitutes full professors, associate professors and P.H.D holders. Lecturers are responsible in ensuring that their students generate successful projects, introducing new working concepts, and assisting them in their research work (Editorial, 2001). Markedly, the members of staff from different Architectural departments ensures that the institution remain at the par in producing qualified graduates by emphasizing innovation and creativity. Going with this trend, UCL is ranked among top five Architectural trainers in the world. Not one student would decline an opportunity of studying in such a prestigious institution.

An architect is similar to an inventor. Just like the inventor, architectures are concerned with designing new devices and gadgets. UCL endorses design work through a program known as the Pedagogy. This programme creates opportunities that consolidates designers and other intellectuals in the world to contribute in urbanization and design work. Students are encouraged to volunteer their projects for the purpose of analysis. Different projects are evaluated and the successful ones are acknowledged in the ‘Best Big Thing’. UCL provides accol.............

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