Adaptive Leadership

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Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership requires that leaders work with every member of their organization in the solving of definite and unavoidable problems. In this regard, the accomplishment of adaptive work is highly dependent on compulsory motivation and initiation of support from other members of theorganization by leaders. In a broader perspective, leaders must motivate their followers into backing them up in finding solutions for problems in the organization.

In the organizationI have chosen; the adaptive challenge experienced in the company is competition. There is very stiff competition in the industry especially from new entrants into the market. The major problem is that at least two other companies have just suddenly risen up and entered the market with new and seemingly better products as customers seem to be flocking towards them.

In this case, my opinion is that thisorganization needs to consult with every member and stakeholder on the way to regain its market status. Experts could be consultedas well. The questions that arise are: what is the other companies doing that they are not? Do they have better quality products? How can they get back their customers? The most likely issue here is that the quality of products offered by the new .............

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