Adapting Marketing and Sales Messages for Social Media

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Adapting Marketing and Sales Messages for Social Media

Social media has taken over the world of advertising with a storm. All businesses that hope to attract customers have turned to social media. However, Haisat (2013) argues that just because a business or company is using social media to market their product does not mean that they all get positive results. This is because using social media for marketing requires sophisticated skills that the traditional advertisers may not possess. Social networking sites that are common for

marketing include LinkedIn, blogs, google +, among others with Facebook and Twitter being the number one contenders. As a result, marketers using social media should adapt certain strategies so that their messages and advertising strategies on these platforms could result into recognizable sales results.

First, marketers need to develop a relationship with the target customers. Traditionally, executives would try to push sales of their product with every opportunity they received. Haisat (2013) claims that the first inclination was to make aggressive sales contact to every individual’s address received. However, this does not work for the social media platforms. People today love to buy but hate nagging. It is therefore advisable to invest in making the people on social media feel comfortable by posting funny pictures or videos to give the product an edge and make the product relevant.

Posting creative messages will position your product as a creative brand (Petrič, Petrovčič, and Vehovar, 2011). Since there are millions of messages posted on the social media daily, creativity will ensure that the posted messages are noticed among the millions.

Another relevant strategy that might help executives adapt in creating marketing messages for social media is engaging in social media regularly. Though social media is free, Petrič, Petrovčič, and Vehovar(2011) argue that time needs to be invested for a business to generate a devoted following. This will help the business remain relevant to the customers if they always see the company’s post on the social media sites. Silence in a social media account gives the target client the impression that the comp.............

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