Actor response paper

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Actor response paper

To my surprise, Guys and Dolls is awesome! It’s different from much show when I watched before; it included musical scene, so this show Give me too much visual shock, Information from the Internet, I know the background of the show is in the 1920 s and 1920 s, in the underground world of New York.The show and see the show I ever am different, because there are so many actors perform in it, more than 20 outstanding performers. But what impressed me the most profound three actors, they are Sarah Brown, Miss Adelaide and Miss Adelaide’s boyfriend Nathan Detroit. Not just because of their acting skills, everyone deeply attracted me.

I like Miss Adelaide most, so, at here I want to talk about her. She is a very lovely girl, she has a boyfriend name is Nathan, I think she loved her boyfriend, and she is very hoping to marry Nathan, but Nathan likes gambling, and Nathan the desire for freedom. Although Nathan also deeply in love with Miss Adelaide, but, unfortunately, Nathan wants to remain single.

First of all, let me the most impressive is the Miss Adelaide like sneezing. I remember whenever she sneezes; his audience will laugh, because it is funny. Miss Adelaide sneezing show quite real and her sneeze and Nathan is alone for the first time, then Miss Adelaide told Nathan: “I told my mom I had you baby!” And than all of a sudden, Miss Adelaide hit a sneeze, this is funny, and perform quite real, at that time I thought Miss Adelaide caught a cold. But later I know it is needed to plot.         Miss Adelaide performers payment Smith in this episode behaved quite anxious, because she is very wanting Nathan to marry her, so Miss Adelaide made up some lies to cheat her mother said they were married and have children. And according to the common sense says, this episode should show Miss Adelaide is very poor, she in order to get his beloved man at the expense of everything, but in the process of performance, Miss a sneeze of Adelaide instantly make the atmosphere became funnier, it makes me very admire payment Smith acting! In the show, I noticed that Miss Adelaide have three or four sneezing, and sudden, so I observed that every time her sneeze was very natural, I think it is a professional actor should have performance ability and acting talent.

In this show, there’s a place attracts me very much, that’s Hot Box, this looks like dance halls, every gentleman to enjoy all kinds of dance. When I see Miss Adelaide is Hot Box’s lead singer, I was very surprised, but I .............

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