Actions to be taken in an Investigation

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Actions to be taken in an Investigation


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           Actions to be taken in an Investigation

It is important that before any investigation is done, logic needs to be sought in determining whether or not the investigation is really necessary. Dee Barnes has received some very serious complaints regarding the kind of service an important client received. The shipment was very important to Tweedle’s Widgets as the client was new and has the prospects of developing into one of the highest purchasers of their products. This thus means that the investigation really needs to be done and with a lot of urgency.

Dee Barnes should, before opening the investigations, find out whether interim relief is necessary. Are there quick actions that need to be taken to avoid further complaints during the investigation process? John Wilson promised to call Jim Johnson before noon. Dee Barnes should ensure that Jim is called and an agreement is reach. If possible she should order that the initial shipment be returned and the right shipment with correct specifications envoys to the client’s location. This help keep the customer satisfied as he will be pleased by Tweedle’s quick response to his complaint. Customer satisfaction is key in ensuring the success of a business.

The next course of action will be to determine the team that will carry out the investigation. She will need to involve members of the staff for a quick, accurate and precise investigation to be conducted. The people selected should not be people who are in one way or the other involved in this investigation. This is important in cases where the employees are asked to carry out the investigation so as to ensure transparency in the report that will later on be made after the investigation has been done. Having more than one investigator is important as there are some activities such as interviews that are best done by two people so that one will ask the questions as the other writes them down.

Dee should then determine when and where the investigation will take place. I prefer that she conducts private interview since people feel safer disclosing information in enclosed areas and are mostly honest. She should prepare the interview questions in advance so that she gets to thoroughly cove.............

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