ACM As Largest Educational And Scientific Computing Society

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ACM As Largest Educational And Scientific Computing Society

ACM is the world’s leading scientific and educational computing society; it conveys resources that progress computing as a profession and a science. ACM in addition to this provides the computing fields with the very first digital library. The website is a well organized and attractive site. It plays a good role at the deliverance of computing information. It has a home page with some links offered to the extreme right end. It has featured items on the left side of the webpage. Just below the advancing computing as a science and a profession is the announcement. The site aims at providing information about the society to those who are concerned. It also serves the purpose of advertising the society to the world. The sie seems to have achieved its purpose very well. It seeks to expand its network by advocating for ambassadors of ACM. The ambassadors are supposed to increase this capacity by sharing information about the site to their friends. According to the site SC 11 aims at uniting the HPC communities.

This site is a professional site. Its main target audience is people in the computing industry. Due to the fact that the site has links to digital library providing information on the computer industry. The library contains full text of every article to have ever been published by ACM. Furthermore, webpage of the digital library has a link to guidelines of the usage of the digital library. On the left side of the web page links are provided for Journals, Magazines and proceedings. Features in this site make it look and feel very much educational although its major target is the computing industry. However, this webpage also target job seekers. A link to the left of the web page takes one to the career and job center. This webpage is a self proclaimed ideal place for employers and jobseekers to the industry of computer and connect interested parties. Generally, this site targets all sorts of people ranging from government officials, academics and corporate employers. The main interest of this site is connecting various people that are interested in the computing industry. The site connects jobseekers to the employers and educations seekers to the right institutions to study of computing in. provides information to all sorts of people. By connecting various people in the computing industry I find this site to be very useful. A job seeker will visit the site and connect to a potential employer while an employer meets with the kind of employee he/she yearns for. A student seeking education will log on to the site and acquire a whole lot of information they require pertaining a given institution of interest to them. People whose interest is reading will find the webpage to be of great assistance. This is because the resources provided in the site would be otherwise expensive to acquire. The site provides readers with publications and journals to their liking. Additional information such as upcoming and recent conferences is given. I find this to site very resourceful in that it’s a one stop shop for information seekers. Furthermore, the site also has special interest groups such as the special interest group on algorithms and computation theory (SIGACT). The special interest group deals with promotion of discovery and dissemination of high quality study in computer science theory. There are various such interest groups assisting many computing area.............

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