Acid Rain

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Reply 1: Acid Rain

It is evident that acid rain causes many problems and thus it needs to be controlled in the most efficient way. There is now hope of controlling the acid rain as a result of new technologies and improved regulations. It is a known fact the electricity, which people use is obtained from power plants. At the same time, this power plants produce extremely high volumes of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. In the United States, more people are involved in ensuring that Congress updates and improves its Acid Rain Program. Therefore, it will mean that power plants can only emit certain amounts of the poisonous gases. Power plants that do not follow the established rules will face the law because the activities they are engaging in are harming many natural elements on earth.

Scientists continue to make more advancements that will ensure that they completely get rid of acid rain. For example, they advice those concerned that power plants should use coal that does not have a lot of sulfur. In case, it has high amounts of sulfur it should be washed immediately. Also, scrubbers should be installed in power plants so that only harmless gases are produced when fossils and coal are being burnt. Lastly, people should ensure that they drive cars that do not pollute the environment. It is a known fact that one of the highest contributors of acid rain is from trucks and cars that pollute the environment. Currently, catalytic converters are being used to reduce the nitrogen oxide emitted by cars. The equipment has proven that it can efficiently be used to produce natural gases which are pure and clean. I have personally never experienced acid rain, but people who do need to be protected from it. Indeed, acid rain causes many problems and thus it has to be stopped before it causes further problems.


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