Achieving APTA’s Vision for Movement

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Achieving APTA’s Vision for Movement

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Achieving APTA’s Vision for Movement


The quality of life is always enhanced by the freedom granted to the human beings through movement. Several aspects of life such as work and play demand that people can move from one place to the next or from one position to the next. However, the existence of different disabilities, through either natural causes or accidents implies that some people have difficulty in their movement. Several organizations, coupled with health care givers have arisen to ensure that the right of movement is restored.

Embodying APTA’s Vision for Movement

APTA’s vision was structured to ensure that all individuals can move from one place to another. This is a vision of a true physical therapist willing to improve the experiences of individuals with a disability in the society. As I am one of these individuals, I will follow the following principles to ensure that I operate in accordance with this vision.


My practice will ensure the promotion and definition of the human movement system as the central element in enhancing the movement. This will ensure that all my operations wil.............

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