Achieve your goals

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Achieve your goals


Individuals should learn to track their activities to ensure that they are on the right path to success. They should analyze their daily, monthly and yearly activities to discover their weaknesses and strengths. They should also find out about the activities of other people to make a comparison. Educational background is also a key to achieving goals. People should work hard at school to get grades that will enhance their lives. The analysis of my activities reveals how I will achieve my personal goals.

College skill and life skills are vital an individual’s life. The connection between the two helps an individual to set life goals (Carter, Joyce, Sarah and Richard, 23). Tracking daily activities in and outside school helps to determine strengths and weaknesses. Life does not always offer the desires of the heart (Corey and Marianne, 93). Through the analysis of strengths and weaknesses, one determines the best measures to take when life is not favorable. Involving friends when facing difficulties is also a vital strategy in achieving goals. Friends will help to enhance life skills and also assist in understanding difficult concepts taught in class.

Analyzing the stages of development also helps to achieve goals. The development stages enhance realizatio.............

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