According to SimplyHired (2010),

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According to SimplyHired (2010), job seekers use three basic types of resumes. These are functional, chronological, and mixed (hybrid). The purpose for each of SimplyHired (2010) resumes and their differences are given below.
Functional resume
A functional resume focuses more on the acquired skills rather than the type of positions held before. A few essential areas of experience are highlighted on a functional resume including responsibilities held and achievements for each position. When writing about personal experience, an individual should be keen to provide a lot of context specifically aiming the job one is applying. The functional resume will be necessary when a person wants to make a career change, or when there appear gaps in the work history. This resume is essential because it assists a person in focusing on the relevant skills relating to the position applied. The functional resume differs from the chronological resume because it only provides the skills acquired and concentrates less on positions held (SimplyHired, 2010).
Chronological resume
In a chronological resume, an individual starts by listing work history starting with the most recent position and ending with the first position held. In order to ensure the employer considers an applicant for a job, he or she should supplement the list of positions held with main qualifications and accomplishments. The employer develops confidence with an applicant depending on the experience that shows the capability of performing assigned tasks. A person who has a long and steady work history uses a chronological resume. In addition, a person may present this type of resume in order to maintain his or her position (SimplyHired, 2010).
Mixed resume
This is a combination of the functional and the chronological resume forming a hybrid. On this mixed resume, a person starts by listing the skills and job achievements followed by an area showing work experience written in a reverse-chronological order. On the work history section, an applicant requires only to list.............

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