Accomplishments in the Classroom and their Positive Impacts

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Accomplishments in the Classroom and their Positive Impacts


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Accomplishments in the Classroom and their Positive Impacts

When I was first introduced to the classroom, I noticed that most students came late to school, some didn’t do their assignments and those that did presented a shoddy job. There was an overall lack of concentration especially with the students who sat at the back with most of them whispering during classes. I turned all this around. It was sheer hard work but soon the mood in the classroom was good during classes marked by high concentration levels. Assignments were done on time and class attendance was good too.

I promoted happiness, warmth and safety during the classes. I set rolling team building activities that helped students be comfortable with each other and help debunk me as a god of some sort. Lessons encouraging friendship, support and openness were enhanced to create a good attitude towards the classes. I also talked to the parents during our meetings to help the students come early to school by waking them up early and ensuring that they don’t stay up late. The parents were also advised to remind the students to do their homework.

My progress was tracked through observation. I observed the behavior of the students in the cl.............

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