Accessing R-Language Through The Cloud, Business Case

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Accessing R-Language Through The Cloud, Business Case

Project Background

The project is created to bring efficiency in the statistical computing (Joseph, 2003). The project will be done in the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi. The reason behind this project is the fact that many countries in the UAE lack the capital and the expertise to sponsor their students and researchers to developed countries and that they learn the statistical calculations. These calculations are run in powerful machines. The company was formed to fill the gap between these disparate motives. With this company, students and researchers are now able to work on statistical data which could have been very expensive if they would seek otherwise (Young-Hoon Kwak, 2005). The computing power is provided in a cloud computing environment.   The logic behind developing this is that the university that will access this virtual service will be able to pay for services that have been used. The software will make it possible for education and training in the third-world countries. It is therefore very possible to face the challenges that come with the use of the R-Language platform head-on.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents. 3

Project Background. 4

Project purpose. 6

Project sponsor. 6

Project location. 7

Project duration. 7

Project team.. 8

Project Responsibilities. 8

Projected costs. 11

Projected revenues. 13

Risk scope management 15

Organizational structure. 18

Organizational Boundaries and Interfaces. 18

Project Responsibilities. 19

Detailed Project Products. 25

Project team and Gantt Chart 25

Work breakdown structure. 26

Network/precedence diagram… 27

Product Breakdown structure. 28

References. 29


The market of the software will entail the students who are pursuing statistical course and lack the systems to do that. High demand for statistical computations using super computers, especially now that there are many students who are pursuing higher education in the United Arab Emirates. There will be need to want to use these tools in their course of study. Many students have opted to travel overseas to look for these services. This is now a thing of the past as it is now possible for students and universities who have the virtual computing environment to access these services from the cloud.

  • Need to support researchers in the area of Statistics so that there are many researchers in this field.
  • Need to have an improved access of computing power.

The company employs IT staff who will monitor and maintain the system so that there is continued and reliable service to the users. There are mathematicians and computer scientists who have been hired by the company to make sure that the data and the program is logically correct.  The concept of cloud is you pay for what you have used only. Accordingly the university will be paid on what will be used.

Current status

Currently the super computing power is available in very few companies. What is more, the companies which have supercomputers don’t have the software that is used by researchers. The researchers need a platform where they are able to access the computing power that they need. There are many challenges faced by these researchers and students. Of the issues include the fact that the countries which have efficient and reliable R-Language platforms are far, usually they have to go abroad to access the same. With this scenario, many bright and talented researchers have had to relinquish their careers opting to do other things which are accessible locally.



Project purpose

Starting this project will enable the students to access the R-Language and statistical tools from their locations without the need to travel abroad. The researchers will also do their research analysis using the Curve-R computing platform (Martin, 2002). What will be required after this is done is that the users and those who are interested in the service develop their virtual environment. Unlike in the earlier times where they have been required to purchase, configure, and setup the servers for the same. What is required now is that access to the Internet and enough computing resources to be able to use the cloud service. What is more, they will only use the service that is paid for, thus reducing the cost.

This system, Curve-R is a system used to teach programming in R-Language to students from developing countries especially Africa and Asia. This software is the first software developed to solve the large complex mathematical formulas that is traditionally developed though supercomputer thus there are no competitors in the market.

Project sponsor

The sponsor of the project is Curve-R Company. Curve-R is a company which was established in the year 2009. It is new in operations. It helps to bring supercomputing environment to researchers and students of the R-Language. Located in the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi, the reason behind the creation of this company is the fact that many countries in the UAE lack the capital and the expertise to sponsor their students and researchers to developed countries and that they learn the statistical calculations. The company was formed to fill the gap between these disparate motives. With this company, students and researchers are now able to work on statistical data which could have been very expensive if they would seek otherwise.


Project location

The projected will be located in Abu Dhabi. The reason behind this is the fact that most universities in this region do not have the supercomputing power that enables them to do calculations that they do in the course of their studies. Most students going to universities which are located abroad so that they get access to these resources. The facilities that will be used here include supercomputers and the R-Language that will be used in the programming. Also included will be the data and specifications that are used in the whole process. Most of the times, these resources are only accessible in overseas countries.

Project duration

The project is expected to take approximately 1 month and ten days. The representation of the same is shown in the table below:





Get the server and super computer

1.4 days



Configure the super computer

2 days



Program cloud platform

2 days



Develop environment

30 days



Develop security model

22 days



Test the environment

1 day




1 day



Project team

Project Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of the various personnel in the carrying out of our project.

Project manager

This is someone who is responsible for project management from initiation to approval through to project finalization.  The role will include the development, implementation and finalization phases of the project. He will take accountability for establishment of baseline for the project. The key responsibilities of project manager will include:

  1. Project integration management
  2. Project scope management
  3. Project time management
  4. Project cost management
  5. Project quality management
  6. Project human resource management
  7. Project communication management
  8. Project risk management
  9. Project procurement management

System analyst/designer

The role of this staff differs in different organizations. The most outstanding and common responsibilities include the following:

  1. Analysis of systems in the organization. This will include getting facts to getting facts about business activity within the organization.
  2. Designing of the system. This will require the system analyst to come up with new systems and design a new s system / application.
  3. System programming. Most of the time, the analyst doubles up with the programmer. He will usually work in collaboration with the programmers in the various tasks.

Quality engineer

The responsibilities will include the following:

  1. Plans and directs activities concerned with development.
  2. The make sure that the standards required in the programs are met and maintained. In this case, the quality engineer will develop standards to be used in developing the media management system.
  3. The set the standards for inspections.


The programmers have a role of coding the system. They are conversant with one of the programming languages. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Coding and testing the system for bugs
  2. They are responsible for refining data and formatting the final product.
  3. They are responsible for maintaining and modifying existing programs. They make changes and amend flow charts to suit the said changes.
  4. They are responsible for writing new code according to the specifications.
  5. They are supposed to monitor programs and give suggestions on the path to be followed in improving them.
  6. They are supposed to write program documentation.
  7. Their task is also to document the code and the procedure they followed while developing the program

Sales people

These are the people who will be involved with making sure that the sales are made. After the system is up and running, clients who are to use the service will be required. The system will serve no particular purpose if there are no users from the various remote places.

Finance personnel

These are very important people in the project. It is them who will take of all the financial transaction required in the organization. The project will have a lot of activities which will need the use of money: in fact virtually all the activities to be done in within the project require money. The work of this person is very crucial.


Cost Benefit Analysis

Projected costs


Estimated Cost

Supercomputer – this will be one of the most expensive for Curve-R

400,000 AED


*There will be need to have new networks that are dedicated to cloud computing alone. There will be the normal network serving the company and now the network serving requests from clients.

200,000 AED


500,000 AED

Programming Language Licenses

10,000 AED

Staff training

*There will be a need to train staff working in the universities so that they will be able to use the system efficiently. This cost is not exhaustive because of the fact that the cost will be for the first pilot university.

10,000 AED


1,500 AED annually

System failure

*This is the money that is lost when a researcher fails to access the system and therefore fails to use the service. This happens because of system failure. The failure will be mainly due to networking.

2,500 AED

Total Costs

1,124,000 AED

Projected revenues

For the desktop applications that we have studied, we were able to find out that students are charged according to the time they spend accessing the program. In developed countries, students who access and use R-Language program use it for 6 hours per day for three times a week. Each hour, a student is charged 60 AED. This will mean that student will be charged 360 per day. In these countries, students who use these services are estimated to be 8 per day. For a whole day, the revenue will be 2880 AED. Per week, the total cost will be 14,400 AED translating to 748,800 AED per year. The estimated profit will therefore be 700,000 AED. It is also projected that with intensive marketing, as outlined in the marketing paper, it is expected that the service use will increase. There will be more students who will be interested in this venture as time goes by.


Predicted number of students using R-Language











After the system has been setup, it is expected that the cash flow from the service rendered to mathematicians and researchers will be shown as follows:


Predicted Revenue


-1,124,000 AED








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