Access to information technology:

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Access to information technology:







Information technology is defined by the use of computers to access internet services for various purposes. For a long time, the society has relied on books for the acquisition of knowledge of various factors. This has been essential for the education of the general masses as a whole. Despite this, the use of books and the traditional forms of literature has not been able to serve majority of the population. The introduction of information technology changed the dynamics in that it enabled efficient and reliable access to information from all over the globe (Grossberg, Wartella & Whitney, 2006).

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of access to information technology. This is done by the analysis of an article written on digital divide in the country. The paper will thus discuss whether the government needs to emphasize on funding schools in terms of the provision of internet access.

The government has invested a sufficient amount of funds on the provision of internet access in schools and public institutions. This was brought about by the recognition of the importance of the internet in the transfer of information. Records show that 54% of the country’s population has access to the internet. This simply means that half of the population are internet enabled their households. Having reliable internet access is essential in present day in that all the industries are have made the switch to going digital. One of the reasons that the government has placed emphasis on the funding on the schools is the change of the educational curriculum to suit the e- learning standards. If 54% of the population has access to the internet, 46% do not have the same privilege. Another important factor to note is that majority of the population who do not have access to internet come from low income communities. Most of these communities comprise of immigrants and minorities who rely on th.............

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