Access to basic health care as a fundamental human right

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Access to basic health care as a fundamental human right


The right to health is inclusive of a number of factors, which are the determinants of health. These factors comprise of safe food, safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, healthy environmental condition, as well as gender equality. Apart from these factors, the most vital component that determines the right to health includes getting access to healthcare services. It is also necessary to consider the fact that the rights to health comprises freedoms such as the right to freedom from non-consensual medical treatment and freedom from torture, and degrading human treatment.

When discussing the aspect of rights to health, it is vital to consider that it contains entitlements such as having access to most of the essential medicines, the right the control, treatment and prevention of diseases and the right to a health protection system. The protection systems should provide equity and opportunity for every individual to enjoy a high level of health. This paper looks into some of the implications of the propositions to health care as a fundamental human right, further establishing the organization responsible for ensuring that all human beings have access to health care. Additionally, the paper looks into what it would take to guarantee health care provision, including the reasons as to why not everyone has the access to healthcare.

Implications of access to basic health

Mountains Beyond Mountains brings about some critical questions that address the issue of health care, as well as the distribution of wealth across the globe. The book gives a glimpse of some of the works that Dr. Farmer is involved in, in his quest to ensure change in the world, condemning some of the developmental issues in Haiti that neglect the improvement of the health practices of the people in the country. It is possible to equate the quest for Dr. Farmer to seeking justice for the people that are not in a position to access health care as a basic right. The particular sense of health rights in this case has to do with the distribution of scarce resources, which comprises of the overall requirements that ensure a healthy people. The understanding of distributive fundamental rights in this case ensures a fair distribution of health benefits and burdens among the different individuals in the society.

It is vital to take recognition of the fact that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that its subjects have access to health care. Every individual in society has the right to a specific standard of living, which ensures adequacy in terms of health care access for him or herself, as well as his or her family. The state has the responsibility if ensuring that the citizenry enjoy the adequacy of food, housing social services, clothing, adequate sanitation and health care services. These needs are indispensable components of an adequate standard of living that improves the people’s well-being and health.

Some of the factors that the government or state should take care of to ensure an uncompromised living standards for its people include ensuring an adequate distribution of clean water to its people, making sure that they maintain a sufficient supply of food to its people and establishing sufficient standards of sanitation. Those factors that relate directly health include the provision of maternal and prenatal healthcare, educating the citizenry on malnutri.............

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