Academic Research Portfolio

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Academic Research Portfolio





Academic Research Portfolio

There are a number of differences between Carleton University and Dammam College of Technology. The difference to be looked at in this report is the teaching and education differences of these two institutions. Both of them are institutions of higher learning and they offer degree programs in different fields. Carleton University has programs in diverse fields such as public affairs, engineering, journalism, social sciences, film studies, science and technology, business, government studies, public policy and art based courses. Dammam College of Technology has most of its courses being in the field of technology, such as Electronic technology, Mechanical technology, Computer technology, Electrical technology and Administrative technology.

Both institutions have academic support services, which differ in their education delivery, and in the way they offer services to students. Carleton University has academic support services that have a wide range of areas. There is the student academic success centre that facilitates services that foster student personal direction and academic competence. They also develop effective study skills, assist students in choosing or changing degree programs, and also identifying strategies to enhance their academic portfolios. This center as well fosters independence by providing students with the decision making and academic skills they need to be successful. Another academic support service is in the learning support area that is in the library which has open spaces in which students can study with friends, classmates or study groups, drop-in sessions, supportive peer helpers and networked computers to further assist in comprehensive studying.

Another student service in Carleton University is the CUOL, which is Carleton University Online that offers students a range of unique ways to pursue their studies. This educational service is an area with a department which offers a range of ways for students to view course lectures. The CUOL currently offers over sixty credited courses to over 4000 students across Canada and the United States. There is a career center that provides students and alumni with the resources and services needed for career exploration. This includes workshops that can cover a wide range of topics such as resume writing, interview skills, accessing the hidden job markets and proposal writing. This center also offers career counseling, employment advising and information sessions from industry representatives.

Carleton University in its education system also has co-operative education opportunities in more than 80 academic programs, streams, and concentrations at the undergraduate level and four programs at the master’s level. There is the Paul Menton Centre for students with disabilities, which promotes equal access to the educational experience of all students regardless of disability. This is consistent with academic standards and all aspects of services, programs, and degrees that are provided by Carleton University to all the students.In addition, a student experience office orients students as soon as they join the university. It creates an environment that enables students to transit successfully into the institution by preparing them to achieve their personal and academic goals and a have a way that enables students to engage well with each other and with their lecturers. The last academic support service is the office of the Associate Vice-President that deals with students and their enrolment issues. This section works with students, the administration, different student faculties, and the student government to ensure the smooth running of students’ life in the University (Dammam College of Technology, 2013).

On the other hand, Dammam College of Technology has a different support center that has five categories. The first is the Community Service Center, which aims at upgrading the relationship between the community and the institution through research, studies, consultancy services, and continuous training in accordance with the needs of the community. It empowers the citizen to cope with the development of technology through the provision of programs, lectures, forums, and training (Carleton University, 2013). In addition, a computer center deals with the College’s computer network, database and supervises all services that link the computer with the training process. A director who is directly linked to the Dean of the college heads it. The other category in the support center is the follow up unit, which is the department that follows up internal and external decisions as well as issues regarding the attendance of staff in the college.

The college has a Public Relations Section that deals with developing the relationship between the College and all its external and internal publi.............

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