Academic monitoring is necessary

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Academic monitoring is necessary in all learning institutions for appropriate service to all students and special attention where necessary. This is due to the difference of learning abilities in students, which is evident in their performances. Therefore, educators especially lower school teachers should come up with strategies which will accommodate all students and make learning effective. Studies have shown that proper implementation of these strategies always yields positive results, thus distinguishes effectual schools from the ineffective (Avery, 2008). There are no specifically strategies required for implementation for learning to be efficient; however, the effective teachers use their professionally acquired skills to come up with flexible measures that relate to the specific group of students. These should be able to be adjusted when handling a different group of students since academic attention varies.

With sufficient knowledge of the group of students that a teacher is dealing with, formulation of strategies would be the next step. These are used to crosscheck and evaluate students’ performances of classroom assignment and check on them during lessons. For instance, a teacher may give random examination to the students to enquire whether they study for examination purposes or for understanding. These results give the actual performance standards and the clear picture of the students’ participation in classroom lessons. This may require a teacher to indulge students in class by posing questions which require them to critically analyze the lessons’ teachings. Allowing students to monitor themselves is also a strategy that the teachers can use; thus, discover those who mostly require attention from the teacher (Blerkom, 2004). This can be used during lesson by moving around the classroom to monitor reaction of the students to the teacher’s presence and how they are going about their assignments.

There are students who perform relatively below the average standards in both their examinations and classroom assignments. The tutor can evaluate this kind of trend and strategize on how to help these students. Here, it is clear that the students face difficulties in their assignments and need assistance. First, it is important to impose an accountability ethic on the students to help them realize they are responsible for their own performance (Zimmerman, 19.............

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