Academic Disciplines that Affect Advertising

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Academic Disciplines that Affect Advertising





Research in advertising is very important as organizations market their services amid stiff competitions. There are academic disciplines that play very significant roles in the research. In this paper, I will discuss three of the disciplines. The three disciplines are Information Technology, Marketing and psychology.

Information Technology

The discipline of information plays a very crucial role in research in advertising in the contemporary society. There are advances in information and communication technologies every passing day. The field of advertising is very diverse and requires diverse information and communication technology tools to succeed (Okazaki, 2012). Organizations engage in advertising to retain their real customers and attract new ones. They cannot stay with the conventional advertising methods. They have to conduct more research to determine the changes in terms of consumer needs and tastes. Application of hardware and software resources plays significant roles with regards to finding new methods of attracting the consumers.

A lot of information is available through the internet. Some of the information is crucial for the conduct of advertisement research. Organizations are likely to find adverts of their competitors displayed on the internet. On the basis of the information, they are able to design adverts that are superior to those of the competitors. It is possible to look at the shortcomings of the competitor’s adverts and design better ones to ensure relevance in terms of the competitive contemporary environment. It is worth noting that these are only possible with the use of technology.

There are a lot of software tools that organizations can use to design quality and attention seeking adverts to attract more consumers and realize more sales. Moreover, management information systems exist to help researchers in the field of advertising make informed and quick decisions on the processes of undertaking research. The advances in information and communication technologies have redefined advertising research. Now, more than ever before, the researchers can visualize the products and services of the world’s big companies and their advertising tactics and trends. All these aspects were impossible in the past. The role of information technology cannot be underestimated.


In doing advertisement research, the researchers need to have a strong psychological background. This is because they have to study the cognitions and personalities of the customers. Advertisement targets the mind of the consumers and aims at influencing them to think and act in a particular manner. As such, this mindset should be studied and known clearly in order to focus on it and achieve positive results.

Advertisement researchers must know the perceptions of the customers and their belief systems. They have to study their cultures and religions as this has the potential to affect the manner in which they will perceive the adverts. There are conservative societies that will strongly condemn certain adverts. The researchers need to understand the community clearly to avoid detrimental effects on the advert. For instance, the perception of morality to the society plays a fundamental role with regards to the acceptance of the advert and the products and services it promotes (Shimp, 2010). There are societies that will condemn adverts that display naked or half naked pictures of men and women and brand them immoral. On the other hand, there are societies that will have no problem with such images. Immorality means different things to different societies.

Psychology will also help the researchers to understand the emotions and personalities of the society(Shimp, 2010). As such, they .............

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