Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


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Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

staff Profile. 1

Emiratis Employment Strategy. 2

Department 2

Functions and activities of ADIB.. 3

Project Counseling: 3

Management of debt and equity offerings. 3

Issue Management 3

Managers, Consultants or Advisers to the Issue: 3

Conclusion. 3

References. 4



Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was created in 1997 through Emiri Decree and started business operations in 1998. All agreement, operations and exchanges are done as per Islamic Shari’a standards. The Bank is a main territorial Islamic budgetary administrations bunch and has a wide circulation system, with 75 extensions in the UAE. ADIB will keep on focusing on its center client portions to develop its entrance by drawing in more clients and cross-offering more items while ADIB’s solid capital and liquidity positions extraordinarily position it as a top-level UAE bank that keeps on growing quicker than the business sector normal. Notwithstanding the testing conditions, ADIB kept on delivering sound budgetary results through the viable execution of its vital vision, with the concentrate on clients securing the Bank the top positioning in client administration for the second continuous year (Yudistira, 2004). This perfection in client administration kept on being upheld by best practice hazard administration, progressive credit strategy and recruitment of world class ability. A further essential center was on establishing the frameworks of the Bank’s next stage employment method with a critical piece of this being the amazingly fruitful USD 1 billion Hybrid Tier 1 Capital issue. Besides, ADIB Group, which incorporates both the budgetary administrations and land organizations, reported net benefit of AED 1.2 billion for 2012, an increment of 4% over the earlier year and Group net incomes for 2012 were AED 3.6 billion, while forceful expense administration implied that costs expanded by just 8.1% year on year, regardless of interests in 89 new ATMs and six new limbs in the UAE, and the extension of ADIB’s local and universal capacities.


The bank is there to offer Islamic financial solution to the local and international community


To be a leader in Islamic Financial services group around the world.


It is noted that the bank has more than 1000 staff members who are responsible to work and undertake the mandate or the functions of the organization.  Currently the organizations also has more than 100 branches around the word with the latest being opened in Egypt. The organization is being run by 8 board of directors who hold the obligation of running the bank’s branches in the world. The next are the financial services group that is being managed by Tirad M. Mahmoud who is the CEO of the group. This means that he is the leader of the financial group of the organization. Under him are more than 100 managers who are responsible for each ADIB bank. In addition there are other 100s of employees working as bank attendants.  In addition, the bank has three associates; the National Bank for Employment, Abu Dhabi national Takaful and Bosna Bank International (Ika & Abdullah, 2011). Down the business structure are other employees.  The below organization structures indicates the group’s breakdown:

Emiratis Employment Strategy

The ADIB employment strategy looks to make more and better employments all through the Abu Dhabi. It takes its spark from the UAE 2020 employment strategy (Iqbal, 2001). The UAE business strategy gives a structure (the “open strategy for coordination”) for UAE Emirates to impart data, examine and coordinate their work strategies. It is situated in the yearly employment review (AGS), which sets out the EU’s needs for the nearing year to support employment and employment creation and opens the yearly UAE semester, which advances closer coordination by national legislatures of their monetary and financial arrangements. Because of the ab.............

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